Arapahoe Basin Still Going Strong

I visited Arapahoe Basin, otherwise known as “A-Basin” four times in May 2009. The first was on the way out to Chicago (via Denver) on May 1 before visiting my family and seeing the dead (formerly Grateful Dead) play at the Rosemont Horizon with my brother … which was a great show!

Most of the mountain was open including the Pali lift; however, it was slightly overcast so the pali face and other runs were a bit on the crunchy side. There was some soft snow and slush to be skied or ridden (on a snowboard) down lower on the mountain.

I came back to visit a second time on May 8th on route back to Telluride (Ophir) after seeing the dead again in Denver. It was a bit warmer and sunnier this time around, so the snowboarding was a bit more forgiving. I rode the Montezuma lift and snowboarded down those runs for the first time ever.

Went out for a quick snowboarding trip on May 14th & 15th, both days were warmer and sunnier than the first, but the Pali lift was closed. I believe the management and ski patrol at A Basin are a bit more cautious after a late season in bounds avalanche took the life of a skier a few years ago.

Nonetheless, the snowboarding was great … the snow was soft all over. I bought a season pass before my first day at the basin for about $290. It is valid for the rest of this season (June 7 is the projected closing date) as well as all of next season. Also included is a free (unguided) lift ticket at Silverton and 5 days at some resort in California.

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