The Endless Winter In Telluride Continues

Still.  Or at least yesterday was very nasty with snow and cold temps.  This morning looks to be fairly similar, but the old saying in Colorado mountain towns is to “wait 10 minutes and the weather may change”.   So, the cloud cover could very well burn off later this morning.  In fact, it’s always a great opportunity for a photo in Ophir as far as alpenglow occurrences looking out to the west on Sunshine Mountain in the midst of a breaking, yet looming cloud cover; or just as visually appealing, a western rainbow!

While not exactly a rainbow, the photo below (taken in October of 2008) is a similar sort of convergence of a view out to the west of Sunshine Mountain in the fall season after a mild dusting of snow left it’s trace on the still brightly colored aspen trees.  The elevation of the most prominently visual house in the foreground is about 9,800′  …. so, my guess is that the snowline started about 10,500′.

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