Photo Of Sunshine Mountain During Sunset

Sunshine Mountain can be seen in the background at the bottom right of the photo — taken during a recent sunset from a spot in old Ophir. It is visible to the west from many locations in the Ophir. Last summer I hiked almost to the treeline of Sunshine, which has great views of Ophir looking back to the east. There’s an old overgrown switchback entrance off of the galloping goose trail which fizzles out into a single track eventually … which doesn’t last very long and you bushwack and follow animal trails from there on out. The general idea is to stay near the ridgeline without drifting to far away, but it’s actually a fairly wide ridgeline “strip” up to treeline … so you can meander around a bit. There’s some dense forest areas with many fallen trees. There’s also many animal trails which go through the area. I can’t really say for sure how it goes past treeline, but it looks like a relatively tame route.

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