Escape From Ophir

Perched up on the immediate western knob of the entrance to Waterfall Canyon at an elevation about equal to that of the top of the Ophir Needles, it is possible to see out of the Ophir Valley and into illium and beyond. If you look very closely at the photo below: just to the left of the Ophir Needles, you can see a very faint outline of the La Sal’s near Moab, UT – about 75 miles away.

It is very easy to feel claustraphobic in Ophir, for there are not may locations (especially on the valley floor) which allows one to see very far into the distance or simply have a clear view out to the horizon. The above location is one of them. At least in Telluride, there’s a fairly clear window out west from the valley floor. Even more so, atop the Telluride Ski Resort, there’s a much more vast view out to the west & into Utah. I would like to hike up to the top of one of the La Sal’s one day, I’ve heard the view back to Telluride is excellent!

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