Phil Lesh in Telluride: A Google Query

So, I opted to do a very simple and cursory review of the search results when one googles the phrase “Phil Lesh in Telluride” in order to see how things were ranked.  Partly due to my own personal interest in seeing one of the original founding members of the Grateful Dead on stage in Telluride Town Park, but also with an eye to Google’s ranking algorhythim as it relates to one my favorite bass guitar players and the town (area) I call home.

I had written an article about Phil Lesh in Telluride about a week ago and recall the day afterward it ranking somewhere on the fourth or fifth page for these search terms.   However, today it appears there’s only a page 9 ranking on an unrelated interior page.

I find it to be very interesting to see all of the players jockeying for position, some of who aren’t even playing in this game directly such as realtor affiliated sites which have made several appearances on to the top three pages.  Not only are realtors establishing portals to destination resorts for informational purposes, they’re now actively engaged in commenting on current events as a way to boost their visibility in the rankings.

Otherwise, there’s an assortment of music industry event and news sites as well as the some of the official sites such as and the official site of Telluride Blues & Brews and of course Phil’s facebook site.

There’s also a variety of fan blogs & message boards which invariably will cover such topics in great detail.

If I were rating google on it’s effectiveness in so far as parsing out the most “authoritative” information about Phil in Telluride, I’d give them a B-.  I’m not going to say that realtors aren’t necessarily into Phil or the Grateful Dead (I know at least one who’s way into them – Hello Kristen!), but my suspicion is that the thrill is gone for most of this bunch as far as being hard core fans.   I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this, but I make note of it simply to point out how Google is perhaps misapplying what it deems to be authoritative on the subject in question.   For that matter, I would suspect this misapplication of authoritative content runs the gamut across various subject matters & essentially props up whichever entity has been gaming the SEO system the most effectively on this dynamic front for lead ins.

Here’s is a short clip I took Phil & Friends at the 1st Bank Arena in Broomfield, Colorado earlier this year on 2/18/2012:

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