Jerry Garcia

Whatever the heck it was which made Jerry, Jerry … there’s a bit of that flowing in all of us. It’s there to see if you want to, but it often only appears in fleeting glimpses for most people (if they care to look). I think what was special with Jerry is that he was able to consistantly tap into and make this energy flow and materialize into something on a daily basis (back in the day) … although some days were better than others.

I agree that Jerry brought something out of everyone in the GD which can’t be replicated; HOWEVER, it has already been done enough times to in effect have seared this conduit in place for others to help re-ignite this “flow” in the future. When Bobby talks of “hearing Jerry” (while he’s playing), this is an example of the extent to which this gift was passed along … at least in my estimation. All of the core four are blessed with their past experiences and carry them forward – always with the potential to tap into this hidden reservoire of sorts.

When Bob or Phil play with “an outsider” (JK, Warren, MK, etc.), they’re basically passing this “reflection” (of what was imprinted by playing with Jerry) to them in a positive feedback loop … if they care to listen and tap in. Since JK is very adept at technically sounding a lot like Jerry in both tone selection and phrasing, I think it has been overlooked regarding his ability to join this dynamic flow of energy when things do “click” beyond just the motions.

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