Bob Weir & Ratdog in Telluride At The Ride Fest 2014

OK Replica Handbags, gonna go out on a limb here and relay a prediction that the new incarnation of Ratdog will play in Telluride in the summer of 2014 at the 3rd annual “The Ride Festival”. This is entirely conjecture on my part and I did not come up with the idea in the first place, rather it was mentioned to me by a friend a few weeks back as being a possibility.

While it’s probably just wishful thinking, the more I think about it the more it seems like it could be possible. So far, here are the clues:

– Ratdog will be opening up for the Avett Brothers at Red Rocks on Friday, July 11, 2014

– The Ride is scheduled for the Sat & Sun immediately afterwards (July 12 & 13) in Telluride Town Park. This puts the band in a good spot to be here, geographically speaking.

– The Ride has not announced their lineup, but a few days ago mentioned it’s will be very soon (afer a couple contracts have been worked out). It’s currently March 28th … which puts The Ride Festival only 3.5 months out, which is an insanely short time span to not have announced a lineup in a national festival market which is highly competitive. To give you an idea: The Telluride Blues & Blues Festival just announced their lineup this week & that festival won’t be occuring until mid-September. So it certainly appears The Ride is either completely off the ball or they’re legitimately waiting on some major contractual issues – which might involve stipulations regarding when announcements can be made … which leads me to my next point.

– In addition to the Red Rocks date (and the Highland Park, IL date on Aug 31), Ratdog has only announced two shows for their upcoming summer tour: LA Greek Theatre and Santa Barbara Bowl on July 2 & 3 respectively. It is very odd that they would only release two dates vs. what would typically be the entire run (approx a dozen shows). So, there’s got to be a reason they’re doing it this way. SOMETHING is holding up the release. My theory is that it might be a way to promote the co-bill of the Chris Robinson Brotherhood (CRB) and Ratdog at the Greek & SBB if those are the only two shows CRB will be on the co-bill. IOW, by isolating just these two socal shows, it might focus demand on the co-bill vs. entire run being released at once. Or, it could be that the final details of the remainder of shows haven’t been finalized and they wanted to get this out there sooner than later.

However, what if the big waits with both Ratdog and The Ride are related? Again, I know its wishful thinking, but maybe it’s not coincidence … especially in light of Ratdog’s presence in Colorado the day before the festival.

If Ratdog did show up, I believe it would mark the 4th consecutive year that a core four Grateful Dead member will have made an appearance in Telluride:

2011: 7-Walkers (Bill Kreutzman)
2012: Phil and Friends
2013: Mickey Hart Band

In any case, while I’ve been a big fan of Furthur over the past four years and will catch Phil whenever I can, I’m really excited to see the new Ratdog linup with Steve Kimock. Hopefully, the long shot will materialize this summer!

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