Telluride Ski Area Closed by NFS After Closure

Apparently at the request by the Telski, the National Forest Service has closed access to all public National Forest Service lands contained within the Telluride Ski Area boundary to the public for a period of three weeks after the official closing date of the ski resort (April 8th, 2012)  as well as three weeks prior to the start of the 2012-13 ski season.

The closure pertains to all motorizes as well as uphill foot traffic.

I’ve been living in the area since 1994 and have hiked up the ski area pre and post season many a time, and have never ever come even close to encountering any sort of dangerous situation with ski area operations nor have I heard of others.  For that matter, I don’t believe there are any documented accidents with ski area equipment, etc.   So, if the ostensible rationale of “safety” was the impetus for this closure of access to public lands, where is the supporting documentation on yet another decision which lacked any public scrutiny and was enacted based solely by administrative review?

Personally, I find it very disturbing to possibly have a private entity who is essentially a “glorified renter” of public lands request that citizens be denied access to public lands without any immediate public oversight.

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