Recent Google Updates

With Panda and Penguin recently having been unleashed on Google’s index, I’ve had somewhat of a revelation in while trying to keep up with what might be occurring behind the curtain:

While it’s an extremely complex algorhythem which takes into account many variables & considerations, the whole proposition still seems to be very much grounded in a reliance upon a certain “freshness” aspect with support from social cues for returning relevant results which reflect unique quality content.

Yet freshness might not always be what we’re after. George Costanza once remarked something to the effect that “toilet paper will not change in the future & that it’ll always be what it is”. I believe this aspect of reality holds true across many subjects & perhaps it doesn’t receive the proper weighting in the eyes of the search engines unless it “plays the game” of also being a publisher of sorts. It’s interesting when you take a step back and consider this perspective. More later.

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