A Hike Partially Up Sneffels Highline Trail

Took a short hike up the Sneffels Highline Trail yesterday going counter clockwise.  Made it up to just shy of the hole in the rock or key hole slot … but managed to make it to one of the big lava looking rock outcroppings which afford a view of the ski area and bear creek across the way.

Below is the trunk of an Aspen tree which was split open and has an interesting red/rusty hue .  It’s interesting to see how some Aspen’s trunks near the very bottom have a very thick bark which is gray with thick ridges.   I’m not sure what type of plant appears in front of the Aspen?

Below is a shot of the Town of Telluride taken from the Jud Wiebe Trail … which is the first segment to access the Sneffels Highline Trail (unless you start at Mill Creek, or bushwack it)

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