Telluride Wine Festival

The 2010 Telluride Wine Festival is the first year they put on a music segment on the big stage in Town Park. Jackie Greene headlined on Friday and I forgot the name of the headliner on Saturday (something like Kavorka), although the 2nd to last act (voitzen drizen or something like that) received good reviews.

On the heels of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, music could be heard throughout the valley for a second weekend in a row. While I am a BIG fan of music in general, I have to admit that I was kind of annoyed at having to hike an hour on the Sneffels Highline trail to escape the booming sound of the bass and simply hear the sounds of birds and other wildlife.

I did not officially attend the festival, but walked up to the fenced boundary which was posted directly south of the basketball court in Town Park. The shot below was taken from this vantage point:

It was difficult to say for sure what the attendance was from where I was standing, but my guess is about 400 – 600 people (give or take) were present. It is interesting to note the Telluride Blues and Brews Festival once had it’s boundary fence in the exact same location … which allowed for anyone to walk up to the basketball court or play frisbee on the north softball field while the music was playing. Now, Blues & Brews is just shy of Bluegrass in terms of attendance and their overall footprint. Jazz Festival has migrated to the main stage from the big white “DIA Tent” and has increased their attendance a bit over the past couple few years … although I believe they will always try to keep their event as intimate as possible as a matter of philosophy. Nonetheless, this could change. Same goes for the Telluride Wine Festival. I don’t know about the ambitions of the Telluride Wine Festival, but it could very well turn into another 10k x3 day event. Similar to Blues & Brews, the wine festival seems to attract and promote a particular vibe which isn’t exactly my favorite. It’s kind of a “pass the gray poupon” flavor of drunken stupor vs. the more mellow fanaticism of the bluegrass crowd. Nonetheless, I’m sure local area businesses don’t mind the extra revenue, but what about residents who simply want to relax, hike, bike, fish, etc. with a little peace and quiet? Maybe the answer is to grow the Nothing Festival into a major event!

Here’s the kid’s fishing pond in Telluride Town Park at sunset:

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