Saw Buffalo Springfield in Oakland – Telluride Misses Out

… big time! …. and more ways than one. As much as I personally didn’t miss out on seeing them perform, I won’t forget what went down here in Telluride! It was a lot of fun to catch this unique ensemble which delivered very colorful, true, and often times delicate arrangements. While Neil Young made a joke before playing “For What It’s Worth” that it was their only “hit”, there were only a couple of tunes which they played which I did not recognize. They also threw in a couple Neil Young tunes “I Am a Child” and “Rockin’ in a Free World”. Here’s a shot of the Fox Theatre in Oakland. I had seats on the floor level but wandered around the venue prior to the start of the show to check things out:

While the venue was excellent as an indoor venue, it doesn’t compete by a long shot had Buffalo Springfield played outside in Telluride Town Park! It was a loss for the town & ultimately I believe for Blues and Brews as well. I suppose I keep wavering on “understanding where they were coming from” and on the other hand extremely angry that the town as a whole missed out! I won’t hold on to the anger, but I also won’t support the Blues and Brews festival for a long time … it would take a lot for me to get back on board with that festival!

Otherwise, Gillian Welch opened up the show … who I was given rave reviews by many people I spoke with prior & she definitely lived up to them! Would be interesting to see her in the context of a full band.

I’ll save my review of Furthur at Shoreline (which brought me out there in the first place) for another day soon … but can say for now they were both excellent shows!

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