Ophir Hill Climb

The annual Ophir Hill Climb took place this past Sunday morning at 10am on a beautiful fall day which felt more like summer and typically bodes well for those who ride their bikes.

The race begins in Old Ophir in front of the town hall and proceeds up to the top of Ophir Pass and back down to the finish line. The race is open to mountain bikers, runners, and of course dogs.

Traditionally, when the weather is bad or there is snow on the course, the advantage goes to the runners; however, when there’s a dry course, bikers tend to have the advantage. In addition to a dry course this year, much of the dirt road has been graded by the National Forest Service who have been doing a lot of work in the area with large equipment … so I’m sure it only helped the bikers that much more. I am not 100% certain, but believe this is how it turned out with local biker Pete Dahl taking the first place slot.

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